Quotes wow!! Thank you for the reading....I have friends over and their kid, for a week and when we found our reading I was screaming to my daughter to come down read it.... she is so happy.... I am glad you saw some happy times for her....and for mine.... you are really good....:0!!! I will let you know.... how things turn out....HAVE A GOOD WEEK!! AND THANKS A MILLION FOR THE READING.... I AM SO GLAD I FOUND A GREAT WITCH!!! Quotes

Quotes Hello thank you for my reading it was great. It was right on subject... thank you soooo much, I have referred you to my sister in law already. Quotes

Quotes I have had a three readings from you in the past. I have always been fascinated by the tarot, but always viewed it "with a grain of salt" . The reason for that was because no one ever seemed to "zone-in" on me ... until I found you. Your readings have been frighteningly accurate and more than coincidental. I am amazed at how someone I have never met can be so correct! China, you rock!!! Thanks again for being my "personal" reader and for sharing your gift with myself and so many others. Take care. Quotes

Quotes Thank you for the reading...it was very helpful... I was extremely busy this morning and wasn't able to focus on it or read it in it's entirety until late this afternoon. Almost immediately after, something came up that made everything you said make sense....very powerful! It helped me put things into perspective about a huge decision that I was asked to make... Take care and thanks again! Quotes

Quotes I in turn had to find peace and quiet to digest and read your work. If I may say so, I would definitely say that you have found your vocation! You make your readings very personal, very detailed and hence a very pleasurable experience. As with my first reading, you give me (us) homework and challenge our thought process! THANK YOU. A returning happy customer : - )) Quotes

Quotes Thanks so much. It helps somewhat in that if I can anticipate certain things without being blindsided I can react better or even be proactive. Thanks again--I'll stay in touch and let you know how we make out. Quotes

Quotes Wow, China. I'm really grateful for you taking the time to explain. I know you didn't have to do that but, you did...and that is a strong testament to your character. You've cleared up a lot for me. I think you're reading has given me a lot to think about. Much appreciated Quotes

Quotes As always, thanks so much. I wish that you REALLY knew how accurate you are with me! I save your readings and refer back to them at later periods and it often blows my mind ... all I can say is "Thanks". I know that the cards are a guide, but they sure do fall into place for me. Thanks again and I will be speaking with you again soon. Take care, my friend. Quotes

Quotes Thank you thank you for the second reading. WOW. You are good miss. Love ya lady! Quotes

Quotes When i first heard about My Tarot Readings I wasnt sure if it was possible for someone to do a reading without the person present. I decided to try it out and i did the three question reading and boy was China on point. I couldn't believe the information that she gave me from just a 3 card reading i only wish I had enough money to do a full reading i could only imagine the things that would come out...Thanks so much China you are the best! Quotes
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